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SURPRISE!! The concept of "energy" and "energy healing" may not be as "woo-woo" as it may initially appear.

Second Surprise!! Try it! You'll like it!!

In my practice, I view the energy body as inextricably interwoven with our physical structure (equally so with our mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions!).  Thus, regardless of modality, my work is inherently energetic in nature and intent.

Consider this: When someone walks into a room, can you sense if they are Angry?

What if they are Happy and Playful?


Or if they are Anxious, Fearful, or Sad?

These states of Being each express a particular energetic frequency.  We are actually bombarded by these kinds of subtle cues constantly...particularly in this modern era of Technology that is not only global, but galactic in scope.    These expressions of energy have a direct impact on us, whether we are consciously aware of them or not.  Do you feel exhausted after working at a computer for hours on end?  Does sitting in a vibrant garden, or under a big old tree generate a different kind of feeling in you?   Everything emanates an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) that has a direct effect upon ours, since we are, after all, electrical Beings.  (No charge=no life force. )   Certain EMFs (from cellphones, TVs, computers, electrical outlets and appliances, and many other sources), are not life-promoting to us as organic Beings.   They drain and alter our own Field and can throw us out of balance significantly, again -- whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  

As Richard Bartlett (of Matrix Energetics), Fritz Smith (of Zero Balancing), and so many other guides into the realms of Energywork articulate:

We are "Light and Information".   Our physical/material constitution is nothing more than a very dense configuration of energy in motion.  From this perspective, we suddenly have far greater potential for change, malleability, adaptability and outright transformation than we may have ever considered possible.

Energy healing refers to a myriad of approaches that all, in one way or another, serve to offer our offended systems, a more organized frequency to which we may "entrain" ourselves, back to our innate condition of harmony and balance.   Such things as

  • scent (e.g., aromatherapy),

  • color,

  • sound (such as singing bowls, bells, toning, chanting, tuning forks, the human voice, and many other tools), and

  • our thoughts/beliefs/perceptions!  (e.g., meditation, hypnotherapy, affirmations, etc.)...  are all simply subtler forms of energy that can be applied towards a healing effect.   When these tools are employed by practitioners who understand these principles and how to apply them appropriately, remarkable changes can occur.   

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