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Meet Terry:

Interdisciplinary Healing Artist

It is a privilege to be entrusted with your care!

In days of yore, as a professional whitewater rafting guide, I sustained a back injury while rowing a boat down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  My eventual recovery from that injury was profoundly transformative. The powerful efficacy of a synthesis of hands-on therapies, delivered by gifted practitioners, so impressed me, that I was moved to pursue my own practice.  It has been my Life Path and "Right Livelihood" ever since!  Thanks to Your Trust and Receptivity, it is an endlessly fascinating, humbling, enriching and rewarding Journey that I treasure.

Following the loss of my beloved parents, I was moved to augment my practice further and achieved formal training in service as a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant -- a perfect complement to my existing work as a Designer and Facilitator of unique, intention-based workshops and retreats.  In these capacities, I work closely with you to custom-design and officiate any meaningful life event, ranging from life's beginnings to its endings, and everything in between.   The sky's the limit! so let's work together to co-create something beautiful, memorable, and inspiring!

All of my creative offerings are intended to foster the sacred healing journey back to Wholeness...back to our Essence... informed by my deep Love for Life, Community, the Arts, and my passion for our One Wild & Wonderful Earth.  I bring to you my heartfelt enthusiasm, compassion and care as together, we honor Your “Meaningful Milestones”.

It is an honor and a privilege to run this River with you!

May you Walk in Beauty;

Terry Lilian Segal

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