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I can’t say enough positive things about Terry Lilian Segal. I went to Terry to try out Zero Balancing -- one of Terry’s primary hands-on therapy techniques.  I had what I thought were normal aches, pains and stiffness that come with 68 years of living. From the first treatment, I was sold. Terry immediately put me at ease with her calm and respectful demeanor. She asked pertinent questions and listened with her full attention. Her reverence for her work allowed me to relax, sink into the massage table, and let Terry work her magic.


Terry has an uncanny ability to “read” the body and know exactly where to gently touch the bones or lift an arm or lightly press a shoulder to relieve tension or discomfort, some of which originated years earlier, and which I was not even consciously aware of until she released the blocked energy that the bones were holding on to.


With each session, as soon as I step off the table, I feel lighter, younger, and energized, with greater range of motion. And the effects continue to increase for days afterwards, as I feel my body integrate itself with this newly accessible energy field. I felt better and different with each subsequent session, and experienced what Terry had suggested: that each session, done as a series,  builds on the previous ones exponentially. I opted for four weekly sessions, and feel welcome to return any time I need a “tune-up.” 


If you are considering this therapy, and want to experience the results for yourself, I encourage you to contact Terry. I’m so glad I did!

-Kathleen Borling

Cleveland, Ohio

Having worked in the healing arts for years, I have a keen attention to what makes an excellent healer and I can unequivocally say that Terry is one of the finest I've come across. The depth of her knowledge and abilities is combined with a truly present and warm person who sits down and hears what you and your soul are looking for. I've entrusted my own clients to her when I cannot attend to them personally and I certainly entrust my own care to her as well. I can not recommend her and her work enough!" 

 - J. Z.

Life Coach, LMT

Cleveland, Ohio

Terry is a compassionate and caring healer who never stops adding to her vast reservoir of knowledge. She's always learning new modalities to help her clients. I came to Terry to release all the tight spots and stress that accumulated from my high-powered career in Silicon Valley and from my passion for dancing. She's understanding, warm, kind, and intuitive, quick to localize the problem areas and work through them gently but deeply. After a session with Terry, I always left feeling refreshed and more alive. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! You'll love her work.
 - M.K.

NIA dance instructor, Corporate Marketing & Design Executive

Santa Cruz, California


Terry Segal's...depth of skill, knowledge and life experience... her steadfastly caring presence and impeccable spirit all give rise to someone who is uniquely gifted as a Healing Artist. Add to that her gracious humility and it is crystal clear that Terry is someone who can be absolutely trusted to facilitate whole health for those she serves. There are simply no words to adequately convey the efficacy of her abilities. The vibrancy and well-being with which I currently live my life is a direct result of having worked with this remarkable Woman.

- B.N.

Voice teacher, Musical Theatre Director, Movement instructor

Portland, Oregon


Terry is a healer of significance - which means - one of the top 4 people I would recommend if you are serious about healing an injury or recovering from illness. With me, Terry's massage and intuition combine to literally "release" energetic blockages in tissue at a very deep level. In my journey of recovery from fibromyalgia, Terry has been a shining gem in my healing basket. I am now at 90% recovery and she has played a significant part of that journey.

- G.R.

Reiki Master, Corporate Consultant, Empowerment Coach

Cleveland, Ohio


I completely trust Terry with my bodywork and massage needs. She has an amazing gift, and I am the beneficiary of it at every visit. Every visit begins with a conversation and a physical "check in" with me. In every visit I "disappear" only to emerge at the end feeling revived, relaxed and in a "new place." I am so glad I found her.

- L.P.

Corporate Executive, Cancer Thriver!

Cleveland, Ohio


Terry Segal is fabulous in so many wondrous ways. She's a truly gifted massage and bodywork practitioner, an artist of the body and spirit. On top of that, Terry is a wonderfully intuitive person, with a beautiful spirit, a warm heart, a smart mind, and a shining presence. Being in her experienced care has been transformative for me. Her hands have awakened my spirit on many a massage moment. We are all lucky to have this lovely gifted practitioner in our midst. I wholeheartedly recommend Terry Lilian Segal!

- J.H.

Port Townsend, Washington


You had asked me to let you know how I felt after our last session.  My time on the table was transcendent.  I didn't realize that as much time had passed as it did.  I loved getting to know you better and to be in your presence.  I feel like you bestowed on me one of your beautiful healing blue feathers which stayed with me for many days. I felt lighter and many nights I felt like a could fold back time and re-experience the healing waves I felt during your healing touch.   

- K.L.

Cleveland, Ohio


I have known Terry for over thirty years, and am impressed, though not surprised, in her growth as an astute, sensitive and professional practitioner in the art of bodywork. She has a tenacious hunger for knowledge in her field, as well as related fields, and she displays a deep understanding of the connection between mind and body. Terry is undeniably successful in exercising her understanding to guiding her clients to a very special centered and balanced state. In a word, she is “extraordinary!"

- G.D.

Corporate Marketing & IT Executive

Cleveland, Ohio

As I have often said, Terry has saved my life. Her work is magical and important. Her gentle guidance and knowing touch are not found in just any ole bodyworker.

- M.G.

Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant

Port Townsend, Washington


Terry is one of those high energy, high integrity professionals who (lucky for us) puts her loving spirit into creating community through song and the spoken word, and by constantly improving her already-masterful bodywork skills. She is a thoughtful, respectful practitioner, and a seemingly-endlessly creative, beautiful woman. I highly recommend her work.

- K.M.

Healing Arts Practitioner and Empowerment Facilitator

Port Townsend, Washington


I think Terry gives her customers a wonderful, relaxed, healing experience. She is kind and has a healing touch. Her environment is a very pleasant and her studio is a beautiful space. She intuitively works along with your needs to heal your body and spirit.

- J.W.H.

Cleveland, Ohio

I have known and worked with Terry for 7 years. She is a consummate professional who combines a wide area of expertise with an exceptional degree of integrity. She creates a beautiful space for her clients, and is respectful and friendly. Terry makes it her business to keep informed and trained in many types of bodywork. Add to that her creativity and intuition, and you have a unique experience on many levels. I highly recommend Terry to anyone who is looking for massage or other types of body and energy work. You will not be disappointed.

- S.D.

Port Townsend, Washington

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