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"Receptivity requires a nimble, a fine-honed sensitivity in order to let one's self be the vehicle of whatever vision may emerge."

~ Rollo May


Please email, or call me at

(216) 952-0731

 Please Note:  I accept clients based on personal referrals and/or after we have had an initial phone conversation to ensure that my services are appropriate for your specific needs.

My services are strictly therapeutic in nature.


My Massage & Bodywork Services

Details...for the Curious George in you...

My Intention is to offer impeccable, heartfelt service, grounded in the Art of skilled, intelligent touch, Deep Presencing, Compassion and Respect. A rich synthesis of techniques inform my work, and no two sessions are alike as I "listen in" to hear what your entire Being might best receive in the moment... an ever-evolving Journey!  

Nationally Certified Massage & Bodywork Professional since 1992, including: 

      •  Swedish-Esalen Massage, deep tissue massage, incorporating nourishing essential oils

      • Certified Zero Balancer
      • Certified Breathwork Facilitator

      • Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist

      • Organ balancing and harmonization

      • Oncology massage techniques serving people living with cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome,

             pre- and post-surgical support, and many other challenges.

      • Postural awareness, Movement, Sound & expressive arts
      • Worksite seated massage and practical, concise workshops fostering enhanced performance & wellness in the workplace.
      • Educator in touch skills, energetic awareness & conscious relating, including classes in Couples' Massage.
      • Facilitating special events in Northeast Ohio, fostering community, creative exploration and inspiration.


What's it all for?  Unwind, Balance,  Restore:

Our tissues, as well as our emotional anatomy, carry an imprint of all of our life experiences.  Just as certain patterns have taken

time to establish themselves, so it is a process, an “uncoiling” effect, that invites us “back to Zero”.  My unique blend of skills helps to “unwind” old injuries and holding patterns so as to reharmonize and reintegrate every aspect of your Being:  physical, emotional, energetic.  Whether you are seeking simple relaxation, recovering from an injury or illness, preparing for surgery, or moving through a profound life challenge or transition, there is something in my richly diverse practice just for you.  I listen closely so as to best serve your needs in the moment.  Honoring your confidentiality, comfort, safety, and well-being are my absolute priority.  

What to Expect at a Session:

First and foremost, your sense of comfort and safety are my highest priority.

You may wish to arrive wearing loose, comfortable clothing, or bring them in a gym bag with you to change here, if indicated.

Please bring your completed "Getting To Know You" form with you to your first session, if feasible.  We will spend several minutes getting to know one another a bit as we review your information. I hold anything you care to share in complete Confidentiality.   It is helpful for me to understand what your body has been through during the course of your life, such as major surgeries, a history of cancer or other significant illness, significant personal losses or challenges, or any recent injuries or issues of concern.   This information helps me to serve you to the best of my abilities.   


After I have answered any questions you might have, I will suggest what approach I might recommend to be best suited for the session, depending upon the information you have provided for me.  I will then offer you your privacy to make yourself comfortable on the table in preparation for the session.   Some massage techniques are more effective when oils and lotions can nourish the skin and muscles.  Clients then relax disrobed to your undergarments, resting comfortably on the massage table, discreetly covered by a drape.   Other techniques, such as Zero Balancing, are typically administered with clients remaining fully clothed in comfortable loose, yoga-style clothing, resting on the massage table.  My work is completely adaptable to suit however you are most comfortable., regardless of modality.  You simply choose how you feel most at ease.  When I return to the room, we'll settle into the session.

Many people experience deep states of relaxation and peace.  Sometimes, as our bodies relax, old emotions, memories, dreams might surface as we give ourselves the Gift of releasing that which has been long-held, and may be asking for recognition, healing and resolution.    Moments like these are not uncommon, and I am fully trained to hold a neutral, safe and supportive space for you to allow this process to unfold for you, safely, gently, and with ease.   Should you experience such an Opening, I am here to remind you that You are Safe, and All is Well.   Healing is Liberating!

Following Your Session:

As you ease into the rest of your day, allow yourself to fully appreciate and integrate the changes that have occurred in you. The unique signature of my work continues to resonate, inviting an innate "unwinding" of long-held body patterns, tension and stress -- in body, in mind, and in spirit! Drink plenty of water and pamper yourself.

Subsequent Sessions:

Even a single introductory session will prove beneficial and informative. As accumulated stresses release, your body remembers its natural balance. This unwinding process invites each session to build exponentially upon the previous experience. You may wish to consider a series of sessions, which invites the work, and your experience, to shine to the fullest. You decide what feels right for you. Should you choose to return for more sessions, those generally run from 60-75 minutes.

How long are the sessions, and what are my Rates?
Typically, your first session lasts for 90 minutes, including our Intake review. Subsequent sessions range from 60-75 minutes. Different techniques use time differently.  It is the quality of Presence, Attention and Intention that dictate the depth and value of a session.



Initial session -  $120 

Subsequent sessions:  I am pleased to offer a sliding scale, at your discretion, of $85-$120 per session.   

Payment is due at the time of service.  Cash or checks only, please, made payable to Terry Segal.  


Occasionally, we might find ourselves in times of challenge.  Hardship considerations may be available on a case-by-case basis. 


Gift Certificates available!  


Thank you very much!! 

Cancellation Policy:

Your time is reserved especially for you. Missed appointments and cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged a fee of $50.00, except in the case of an emergency.

Thank you for respecting our time!

Schedule Your Session, Ceremony, or Special Event Today!

Please email, or call me at

(216) 952-0731

 Please Note:  I accept clients based on personal referrals and/or after we have had an initial phone conversation to ensure that my services are appropriate for your specific needs.

My services are strictly therapeutic in nature.

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