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"I can’t say enough positive things about Terry Lilian Segal. I tried Zero Balancing–one of Terry’s primary hands-on therapy techniques. I had what I thought were normal aches, pains and stiffness that come with 68 years of living. From the first treatment, I was sold. Terry immediately put me at ease with her calm and respectful demeanor. She asked pertinent questions and listened with her full attention. Her reverence for her work allowed me to relax, sink into the massage table, and let Terry work her magic.


Terry has an uncanny ability to “read” the body and know exactly where to gently touch the bones or lift an arm or lightly press a shoulder to relieve tension or discomfort, some of which originated years earlier, and which I was not even consciously aware of until she released the blocked energy that the bones were holding on to.


With each session, as soon as I step off the table, I feel lighter, younger, and energized, with greater range of motion. And the effects continue to increase for days afterwards, as I feel my body integrate itself with this newly accessible energy field. I felt better and different with each subsequent session, and experienced what Terry had suggested: that each session, done as a series, builds on the previous ones exponentially.


If you are considering this therapy, and want to experience the results for yourself, I encourage you to contact Terry. I’m so glad I did!"

–Kathleen Borling, Cleveland, Ohio

Zero Balancing

Think of your skeleton -- your bones -- the deepest, densest core of your physical structure, as thriving, living tissue with their own form of elasticity, integrity and imprintability. Zero Balancing is a gentle, concise, and deeply potent style of touch to the bones, that effectively “unwinds” old holding patterns ranging from chronic postural challenges, to the trauma of injury, to emotional impacts from our earliest years.   ZB soothes anxiety, quiets the mind and heart, and promotes greater physical and emotional ease and range of motion.  Zero Balancing is deeply grounding and centering, helping us to maintain flexible stability and a deep sense of balance within.  


A fine source of preventive care, ZB enhances resistance to illness and other effects of stress, and is complementary to most other forms of care, including western medical practices, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and chiropractic.

Clients receive a 30-40 minute session, fully clothed, while comfortably supported on a massage table. An initial series of three sessions is recommended to align your body, followed by maintenance sessions every 2-4 weeks. Recipients describe their experience as "deeply relaxing and refreshing"..."expanding and lightening""tension melting away," and like "feeling balanced to zero."​

To learn more, please visit the Zero Balancing website.

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