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"There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

~ Rumi, 13th c. Sufi poet

 Providing personalized Ceremonies to honor your life's precious moments, from "womb to tomb." 

Opportunities to honor and celebrate our life passages are everywhere!


"I have had the honor of working with Terry in a Coming of Age ceremony that included a small group of close women friends and our 13-year-old daughters. The space Terry created was safe, playful and set with our highest intentions, which paved the way for a meaningful rite-of passage ceremony for our daughters. What I hadn't realized was how profound the experience would be for the moms. The moms first met separately from the girls, and through Terry's guidance, we focused on our matrilineal lines in a way that was acknowledging, healing, and transformative. As a result of this work, I was later able to reconnect with my mother's sister, who had been estranged from the family for 47 years, culminating in a miraculous reunion for us. Terry is a sensitive and gifted facilitator. This work has had a profound impact on my family lineage, my daughter's sense of stepping into her own womanhood, and has brought our community closer. I would highly recommend Terry to facilitate any rite-of passage ceremony."  

*Emmy Graham, Kundalini Yoga Teacher,  Ashland, OR

“My wife and I decided to renew our wedding vows, so we began looking for a Celebrant for our Ceremony. We found Terry. And after meeting with her and realizing her passion, we immediately chose her. During our meeting, we talked about how my wife and I got to know one another, our interests, individually and together, our deep inner feelings for each other, and other aspects of our life. Terry listened intently and got a very good feeling for who we are. From this meeting, she put together not only a wonderful Ceremony, but also a Cherished Memory. On the day of our Celebration, we entered the place we chose, and it was like entering a Dream. Our Renewal was amazing with the well-thought-out Celebration and all that Terry did. We will never forget our Special Day! Thanks, Terry!”

*George and Terri S.

What We Do

Meaningful Milestones provides personalized ceremonies to honor life’s precious moments:  from birth to death, and everything in between!   These momentous life passages can be enriched and honored through a ceremony that is created specifically to reflect your personal style and values. You will work with Terry Lilian Segal, a skilled and intuitively respectful Life-Cycle Celebrant who is experienced in helping people create an event that captures their personal expression and speaks in their own distinctive voice.

Personalized ceremonial experiences invite us to live with greater intention, depth, and mindfulness.   

There are countless ways in which our lives Call us to live into our most authentic selves.  


Each time we experience a life change of any sort, we go on a journey, a personal Rite of Passage.  

In our fast-paced culture, we tend to ignore or minimize major life passages, such as shifting from parenting youngsters to young Elderhood.   Or perhaps we have been living in a situation that has diminished our inner light and it is time to step more consciously and courageously into Whom we came here to be in this life.   Perhaps you're undergoing treatment for a physical challenge that is compelling you to take stock of your life and reset yourself for your future unfolding anew.  

Leaving a beloved home or community, and opening your heart to a new one.  

Redefining yourself through Retirement.    

The possibilities are myriad, each one thrilling and compelling, and full of wisdom and empowerment.


2While Terry is up for honoring any Life experience, some of her "Favorites" include:


Consider a "Life Tribute Ceremony"!

Why do we tend to wait until we're gone for our lives to be honored and celebrated by those who survive us?

Why not do it while we can still enjoy the refreshments?!

Give yourself and your loved ones the greatest gift of all:   

A "Life Tribute Ceremony" is a gorgeous way to reflect back with insight and gratitude upon all that has shaped your life to this point, acknowledging all that has influenced and informed you, expressing your love and appreciation in the here and now.  All the while, being fully present to receive the same in turn from the many people whom you have touched.   In receiving their gifts, you give them a potent and memorable gift in return.   These moments can be deeply affecting for everyone in attendance.   A Life Tribute Ceremony honors a life of meaning and value, and leaves a potent legacy.   

Life Tribute Ceremonies also help us to pave the way to more gracefully navigate latter-life challenges with greater peace of mind and clarity.

Consider a "Renewal of Vows/Commitment Ceremony"

Terry relates that some of her clients have been married for 20+ years, weathering rough seas together.   Some have found that when they were on the brink of setting separate courses, they received the help they needed (through marriage counseling, or other resources) that helped them to salvage and revitalize their relationship.   Such moments are perfect for crafting a Renewal Ceremony that brings you back together on completely fresh footing.   These Ceremonies are deeply enriching and intimately speak to the hard work you have each brought to your love for one another and for yourselves, breathing fresh life and creative vitality into a beautiful future together.   Renewal Ceremonies offer windows into one another that allow for profoundly touching discoveries.  

Consider a "Wise Elder- Croning-Matriarch Ceremony"

Often concurrent with the onset of Menopause, or as children leave the nest and we move beyond that life change into our young Elderhood, Women are stepping more and more into the immense power of our role as the Wise Elder.  

Assuming the crown and mantle of acknowledging our roles in our families and community as Leaders and Keepers of great insight and strength.   This Ceremony can be deeply transformative and empowering.   It affords us the opportunity to honor and release all that has come before, and invites us to experience a suspended moment of inner Transmutation and personal Evolution.   We emerge from our chrysalis to greet our future with a deepened sense of self-awareness, self-esteem, understanding, and inner conviction.    

Making Every Milestone Meaningful

Whether we are honoring a Renewal of Commitment, a funeral/end-of-life experience,

Coming-of-Age transition, or the birth of a new business...  

most ceremonies share three distinct elements.  Their design is very organic, and

how YOUR Ceremony takes shape is meant to be a direct expression of You.  


Honoring what is Past:

The ceremony will honor what has brought the person to this turning point in their life.

This might include releasing certain things that no longer serve to enhance that person’s

well-being, while recognizing the inspirations—people, teachers, experiences, etc.—

that have brought the person to this point.


Standing at the Threshold:

Here, there is a pause to allow the person and any others gathered for the ceremony to

give weight, space, and credence to the shift that is about to happen.


Stepping into the Future:

The ceremony concludes as the person and everyone assembled step mindfully into the

new status, and into the supportive arms of a loving community.


The goal is to be able to move forward into this new stage of life with a deep inner strength,

and with the courage and freedom to be our most Authentic Selves—

more richly than ever before.


What To Expect

First, we will discuss the nature of the ceremony desired, and explore how it matches the scope of our services. Terry will then invite you to fill out a questionnaire that provides a good feel for the story at hand and any specific preferences you may have for your ceremony.


Note: As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, Terry is not affiliated with any religious denomination or practice, while respecting all. Terry works closely with you to ensure that your personal beliefs and values are duly honored, while also offering fresh and engaging ways to craft a uniquely meaningful experience that incorporates all that is important to you.


Once we mutually decide to proceed and are in agreement on the fee, the next steps include:

  • Contract signing and payment of deposit

  • Design of the ceremony to reflect the desired tone and intention

  • Revisions to and approval of the ceremony design and content

  • The ceremony itself, officiated by Terry.

  • Final payment is due at completion of the ceremony.

  • Terry will provide you with a beautiful, personalized keepsake of the ceremony to share with family and friends


Rates are negotiated on an individual basis, depending upon the scope of the event.

The range might be from $475 - $1,500, but this is just a rough gauge. 

Weekend immersion ceremonies, such as intention-based workshops or

some Coming-of-Age Ceremonies may be calculated on a different fee scale. 

Terry can provide examples of past ceremony designs and fee estimates.


"... A hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground..." (Rumi)

Here is a list of  just "some" possibilities to whet your appetite!  

What is Calling in Your life to be honored and embraced???


Enlivening a new home, new business venture, or Embracing a new life at Retirement...

Marriage or Renewal of Vows/Commitment,  Easing & Healing Separation or divorce...

Arrival of a new baby, Adopting a new family or cultural situation ...

Becoming a grandparent...

Entering young adulthood - Coming-of-Age

Transitioning through Menopause, Stepping into the Wise Crone, Honoring Elderhood

Celebrating a new or evolving gender identity...

Revitalizing and empowering your Sense of Self, gaining Clarity and Insight for a happier, richer life.

Healing from illness, or rebooting your focus, perspective,  and strength through treatment...

A Life Tribute Ceremony: Celebrating the accomplishments of a lifetime

Creating a legacy

Honoring loss—including memorials, funerals, and burials for friends, loved ones, and treasured animal companions...

Refreshing the focus during a long-term creative project...

Honoring a special achievement, such as Celebrating a 12-Step milestone...

OR…another life passage that we haven’t done yet!


Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant  , Terry Lilian Segal:

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