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Zero Balancing is my primary modality & informs all of my touch/energetic skills:  "ZB" is a profoundly elegant, concise, & effective style of touch that serves to "unwind" old holding patterns, rebalance and reharmonize us in every dimension.  Please see the separate article for further introduction.

Swedish-Esalen Massage:  characterized by long, connective, integrative strokes effective in soothing tight muscles, rebalancing muscle groups, gentle stretches to release held fascia, mobilizing joints, soothe and quiet the nervous system.   Firmness of touch varies.  Conducive to incorporating aromatherapy.   This style of touch is the underpinning of my massage technique, into which I then pull in other modalities as indicated.

Isometric Stretches:   Very effective,  this technique of supported stretch/contraction movements work opposing muscle groups to release spasms, holding patterns, and open up range of motion. 

Myofascial Release Techniques:  capture the superficial fascial that ensheath muscles and creates a slow stretch to release binding and adhesions, returns muscle groups to their natural ability to slide across one another, improves circulation, communicates reflexively to deeper muscle fibers to release.  Various styles of application characterize this approach.

Trager Massage influences:   Gentle-to-vigorous rocking, shaking and vibrating techniques that are profoundly relaxing and effective in releasing joint holding, muscular tension, balances the entire system, opens up the breath.

Organ Balancing:  Gentle and non-invasive, this refers to a variety of touch styles that help to relieve tension and constriction from the abdomen to encourage greater functionality and harmony throughout our major organs and their energetic flows.  Influenced by protocols from Chi Nei Tsang (chinese abdominal massage) and Zero Balancing.

Manual Lymph Drainage:  please see the separate article featuring this distinct style of touch that so effectively serves to clear, restore and invigorate the lymphatic network for healthier functionality, accelerate recovery rates, and many other benefits. 

Nourish the body, Quiet the mind, Calm the spirit... Rosy-cheeked, happy & restored!

Our bodies never lie and carry the frequency of every experience of our lives, while also subject to the myriad influences that buffet us, from the demands of daily life to the state of the world at large.    The essence of Healing is experienced when we feel Witnessed, held in a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space.    When we are given time to allow the external chatter to slough off, and go within to listen to the Call of our Body, our Psyche, our Spirit.   This is true whether we are striving to heal an injured shoulder, or grieving the loss of a Beloved One.   The modalities that inform my technique are profound, and touch us multidimensionally. My work ranges from being functionally therapeutic (e.g., “I’ve got this old nagging shoulder thing...can you help?”) powerfully transformative and potentially evolutionary (“I’ve just changed my whole life and AAAACK!!”).

Zero Balancing, my primary modality, stands richly on its own, while also deeply inflecting the full scope of my work.  

The unique signature of this work effectively "unwinds" old injuries and holding patterns, reharmonizing every aspect of your Being.  While I invite you to enjoy learning more about the scope of my touch skills from my descriptions and links, you don't need to read up on each modality! Simply share your concerns with me and, with your permission, I'll draw from my "toolbox" of skills to support you from there. I am here to serve you!

As your nervous system is invited to release pain, stress, and fatigue, your body remembers its natural balance, engendering heightened vitality and functionality, greater resilience and recovery from illness, surgery, injuries, emotional challenges, a strengthened immune response, comfort and ease of motion, equipoise and grace, feeling at home in your own skin...embodying deep peace and integration, right down to the core.


Please email, or call me at

(216) 952-0731

 Please Note:  I accept clients based on personal referrals and/or after we have had an initial phone conversation to ensure that my services are appropriate for your specific needs.

My services are strictly therapeutic in nature.


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