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As one studies the chakras, it becomes quickly apparent that this multidimensional phenomenon may be understood as a complex, kaleidoscopic system of dynamic checks and balances.  One of the many classes I love to teach is an experiential introduction to the Chakras:  the major energy centers that reside along the length of our spine, throughout our Central Channel.   The Sanskrit word "Chakra" means "wheel", and in this case, refers to the conical spirals of light/energy that correspond to each of these power-packed centers.   There are seven primary chakras that correspond to our physical body, running from the base of our spine to the crown of our head, and many others associated with other parts of the body and to more etheric aspects of our Being.  

Each chakra, vibrating/spinning at its own unique frequency, corresponds to a host of elements:  specific colors, sounds, physiological functions, emotional name a few that are most commonly considered. Sometimes, life's challenges can influence how our chakras function, individually, and in dynamic relationship to one another.   Imbalances, if left unaddressed, can have a profound effect on our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.   

Many different approaches can be used to reharmonize and balance the chakras, including guided visualizations, breath/movement/meditation practices, and other vibrational healing tools, such as aromatherapy, the application of tuning forks, color therapy, uttering "seed sounds"/chanting, and certain applications of balancing touch.   These vehicles all have in common that they serve to reorganize and reharmonize disturbed energy patterns back to their inherent harmonious flow.   When the subtle realms of our Being are functioning optimally, this, in turn begins to express through a more balanced state of mind.  We feel more open, centered, present and loving in our hearts, healthier in our bodies, and more attuned to our spiritual alignment.

Essentially, all of the work that I do effects the chakras, some more directly than others, as your entire system, Field, or Matrix,  is invited back into balance.  I bow to the many Teachers who have brought these studies to greater light in recent decades, four of whom have been my dominant influences:

Dr. Fritz Smith, Rosalyn Bruyere, Caroline Myss, and Anodea Judith.

Chakra Studies

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