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"Working Well":  wellness programs for the workplace

Making Your Week Work For YOU!

  • work-site chair massage services
  • ergonomic body awareness staff trainings
Transform high performance stress into balanced, energized flow.
Optimize your company’s morale, productivity, focus, resilience and well-being with consistent worksite massage. 
“Working Week” Trainings, tailored to your unique needs, are a perfect complement to these services and
support a happy, functional work environment.
Therapeutic chair massage Services:

Sessions of 15 - 20 minutes per person effectively provide:
   •  relieve stress & fatigue, including headaches, eyestrain, & Repetitive Stress Injuries
   •  refresh focus and productivity

   •  improve range of motion, resiliency & overall comfort and well-being

   •  reduce L&I claims & absenteeism,

   •  foster greater self-awareness & self-responsibility,

   •  uplift employee morale by acknowledging a job well done.

$95 per hour @ minimum of 2 hours, maximum of 4 hours in a day.

"Working Week" on-site workshops Transform Tension into Energy:

An innovative & efficient approach to wellness in the workplace:

    •  a perfect complement to worksite massage services

    •  concise, 30 - 45 minute experiential workshops designed to fit into the flow of a busy day     

    •  serving groups of any size in your conference room, wellness  center, any gathering space.

    •  Learn simple, effective tools to use most anywhere, any time, including:

  • Postural tools designed to alleviate fatigue, refresh & invigorate
  • Breathing techniques to revitalize, center, calm and focus mind & body

  • Body mechanics and enhanced body awareness fostering comfort & poise      

 Call to discuss a quote on workshop services today!

(216) 952-0731

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