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"Move deep in your sensation, and you will realize the spirit in the body. Your life is possibly only because of the spirit. The spirit is your power in the body."

~ Roshan Sharma

...movement = curiosity, discovery, & wonder...

Spirits in Motion,  facilitated by Terry Lilian Segal,  is a guided experience of conscious, ecstatic dance and freeform movement to open your heart, connect deeply with your inner realms, find freedom and safety in expression, and deep, spontaneous joy.  No movement experience necessary, can be done, regardless of your current mobility, from the floor, a chair, on up!

Each session is carefully designed to offer you a fresh entry point through which to explore meaningful communion with the powerful wisdom carried within your body.  As we honor this journey through our unique inner landscape, and that of the others who share the space with us,  we co-create a rich and inspiring experience that fosters healing, community and freedom of expression. 

Please call Terry to arrange your own "Spirits in Motion" event!   (216)952-0731

"Spirits in Motion "

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