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Harmonizing the Organs

Is your Spleen Singing?? Or are you a consummate worrier and ruminator?

Is your Liver Laughing?? or Are you full of anger?

Does your Stomach Sigh with Satisfaction?? Or do you struggle with a sense of lack?

Ancient medical practices from varying traditions around the world, including Oriental Medicine (Five Elements model), and Ayurvedic Medicine, recognize that our internal organs not only have specific physiological functions, but also carry unique qualities or characteristics that require continual balancing for their optimal function.   Our organs maintain a highly dynamic and complex system of checks and balances with one another, directly influenced by our personal constitution, diet, lifestyle, and many other factors.  Each organ resonates at a different frequency, represented by a different sound, color, seasonal association, taste, emotion, and many other corresponding elements.   Many ancient practices, including Chi Kung (energy meditations), manipulative therapies (such as acupuncture, Chi Nei Tsang (organ massage), etc.), dietary principles (recognizing food as medicine), and more, all serve significantly to help bring imbalances back into harmony, and to maintain that harmony as we ride the waves of Life's flow.

My hands-on practice of Organ Balancing is profoundly gentle, non-invasive, and attentive to subtle nuances.  I use a variety of touch styles to help relieve tension and constriction from the abdomen to encourage greater functionality and harmony throughout your major organs and their energetic flows. My style is largely influenced by protocols from Chi Nei Tsang (chinese abdominal massage)  and Zero Balancing, which is one of my primary modalities (please see the separate article on Zero Balancing for more information), and Manual Lymphatic Drainage work. This work inherently:

  • supports healthier posture,

  • safely and compassionately releases pent up emotions, trauma, 

  • promotes healthier elimination;

  • reduces discomfort from reflux & many other digestive and eliminative conditions;

  • is soothing, calming and comforting.

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